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Day Trip from Nice to St-Tropez

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Trans-Coted'Azur boat
Boat to Saint-Tropez

Plage des Salins
Plage des Salins

Pampelonne Beach
Pampelonne Beach

Glamorous Saint-Tropez is not the easiest day trip from Nice but it is possible. To really make the most of your day and to appreciate the beauty of Saint-Tropez the beach is a must. The Saint-Tropez coastline is not to be believed whether or not you're a beach-buff. A visit to the town only fails to convey the appeal of this legendary spot.

But there's where it gets tricky. The legendary Saint-Tropez beaches are five to seven kilometres out of town and buses are infrequent. So drive to Saint-Tropez, right? The two-land road that winds from the motorway to town is a traffic nightmare, especially in summer. What should be a 1 1/2-hour jaunt off-season can easily turn into a 2 1/2-hour extravaganza in summer. (See more about getting to Saint-Tropez) Still, arriving by car allows you to visit the town, colorful port and the beach. Count on about €30 with petrol and tolls.

By far the most pleasant way to arrive in Saint-Tropez is by boat and you don't need your own yacht to do it. The Trans-Cote-d'Azur boat company runs a daily boat in summer and weekend boats in spring and fall directly from Nice Port to central Saint-Tropez. The 2 1/2-hour boatride stops to discharge passengers on the Ile St-Lerins (near Cannes) and then arrives in Saint-Tropez in late morning. There are buses that run from the town center to the beaches but check the schedule carefully as it may not be possible to get a bus connection in late morning. In that event, a taxi costs €30 to take you out to either Plage des Salins or Pampelonne beaches to lunch in a beach restaurant. It is usually possible to get a bus back in time to explore the town before boarding the boat at 4.30pm for the ride back to Nice. (See more about getting around Saint-Tropez)



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