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Taxis in Nice

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It's often said that Nice taxi drivers are known for ripping off visitors. That's not exactly correct. They're equally likely to rip off residents. The "taxi mafia" in Nice is generally considered scandalous by locals who go to considerable lengths to avoid taking one. In addition to high prices, Nice taxi drivers are known for being rude and actually belligerent if the passenger dares question a charge. Asking for a receipt is no protection either as drivers commonly assume some big company is paying the bill which justifies inflating the bill even more.

A taxi from Nice airport to the town should cost anywhere from 21 to 31 euros (which is already exorbitant) but the actual price could be quite a bit more, depending upon how creative the driver is in tacking on extra charges and supplements. For your information, here are the official Nice taxi rates:

  • Day Rate €1.72/km
  • Night Rate (also Sundays & Holidays) €2.28
  • Pick-up: €2.90
  • Minimum Fare €6.20
  • Suitcase surcharge €0.69
  • Airport surcharge €1.41
  • Waiting Time €26.50/hr

Notice that taxis cannot be hailed on the street. There are taxis stationed at the airport, bus and train stations or you can call at taxi at 04 93 13 78 78


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