Anniversary lunch at Chantecler

Chantecler restaurant at the Negresco is the finest dining experience in Nice which I can now say is true through experience, not just reputation. John and I decided to celebrate our fourth anniversary here. Yes, it’s been four years to the day since we met on the Promenade des Anglais. Today was warm and mild compared to the sunny but blustery day we met when the wind was whipping up the waves to spray a fine mist on our pebbly beach. Dozens of sunbathers speckled the beach at midday and the sea was reduced to gentle ripples as we headed in to lunch. The Negresco’s domed lobby bathed us in sunlight that softened when we entered the Chantecler’s wood-panelled dining room. We were seated to have a view of the sea which, together with the pink and mauve decor, made the atmosphere less stuffy than I would have expected from such a toney place. As we settled in, other diners drifted in or, in some cases, hobbled in. We were clearly the youngest of the bunch with well-coiffed and dressed older folks making up the bulk of the crowd. Now for the food! We opted for the fixed-price lunch menu with wine (a discretion) and coffee forEUR55. It’s called Le Menu Plaisir “Retour de Marche”.As an amuse-bouche the chef, Bruno Turbot, opted for the fashionable “food in a glass” starter. Served in a small, narrow glass, this was a frothy mixture involving foie gras and a mushroomy flavour. I first … Continue reading →