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Getting to Monaco

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Monaco Train Station
Monaco Train Station


Monaco does not have an international airport. The closest international airport is Nice airport. Bus #110 runs about every half hour between the airport and the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel.


From Nice to Monaco, trains run about every half-hour. Try to avoid rush hours when it's sure to be standing room only, if and when the train arrives. There are frequent delays and cancellations. See the SNCF for schedules and fares.


Regular buses link Monaco with Nice's Gare Routière. There is no bus station in Monaco but the bus makes several stops in Monaco, including at the Monte Carlo Casino. Services are handled by RCA (Rapides Cote d'Azur)


The most scenic approach to Monaco is via the Moyenne Corniche which winds along high above the coastline. It's also a good way to avoid the traffic on the A8 motorway, especially during rush hour. On the Basse Corniche traffic can be heavy during the day.

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