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French Riviera

Transport on the French Riviera

There are several options for getting around the French Riviera. Transportation needn't bust your budget or chew up your holiday. Public transport is excellent but may not fit your schedule. Often the most sensible choice is to prioritize public transport and rent a car for a day trip if necessary.

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Driving on the French Riviera

The advantage of driving the Cote d'Azur is your ability to get into the countryside and to out of the way hilltop villages. Although all villages are connected by bus to the coast, the schedules can be inconvenient. A car gives you more flexibility but parking is a hassle no matter where you go, even around small villages. All major towns on the Riviera have excellent local transportation making a car more of a nuisance than a convenience for getting around town. More about driving on the Riviera.

Trains on the French Riviera

Nice Train Station

Trains are a great way to get from one coastal town to another and there are even some trains, the Train des Pignes and the Train des Merveilles, that go into the interior. Trains on the Riviera are comfortable and have become much more reliable. They can be quite crowded in the summer but it's always possible to get a space. More about trains on the Riviera.

Buses on the French Riviera

The regional bus system is excellent. For travel along the coast, a bus is slower but significantly cheaper than a train. During the summer months, buses can be uncomfortably crowded. All villages in the hinterland have bus connections to the coast but there are no buses that link villages. More about buses along the Riviera.


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