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Nice Jazz Festival: Wynton Marsalis Complains — 2 Comments

  1. Great reporting on finding Wynton Marsalis’ FB comments Jeanne!

    I agree with Wynton Marsalis’ comments but in defense of the NJF, it was much more jazz-oriented that in many of the past years. Since maintaining a jazz focus is often at the price of ticket sales, I respect the Ville de Nice for trying to bring the festival back to its roots.

    As to the music of one stage bleeding onto the other, this was new venue and the stages are farther apart than up on Cimiez as well as facing different directions, so this was not expected to be such a problem. In the final press conference, the mayor acknowledged this as something that needs to be fixed for next year. More sensitivity when matching up programming slots (ie: Seal against Shorty, not Avashi Cohen) would also help.

    As to the crowds, I say spread the headliners out instead of jamming then all into one or two nights. I’m not at all for raising the ticket prices… I love that the low prices make the festival and its discoveries accessible to everyone!

    Great fest review Jeanne!

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