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Check out my book! NICE UNCOVERED: Walks Through the Secret Heart of a Historic City presents seven essential walking tours through my favorite neighborhoods: the Old Town, Promenade des Anglais, Cimiez, Quartier des Musiciens, Colline du Chateau/Port Lympia, Promenade du Paillon and West Nice. From the little-known stories behind Nice's best-known sights to secret places that would even surprise locals, Nice is finally "uncovered". The paperback edition has 218 pages (light enough to carry around for the day), maps and step-by-step instructions. Get more details and reviews and buy it on Amazon. Or, order the paperback in these bookstores:

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C'est avec plaisir que j'ai pris connaissance de ce livre qui rend un bel hommage a la ville de Nice, a ses quartiers emblematiques et a ses monuments. Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice

Well-written and just bursting with facts and details that make the history and legends of the city come to life. I've visited the city several times, but not with this guide. Reading this makes me want to go back and visit again - but this time with all these fascinating details to hand, so I can discover the hidden gems I clearly missed last time! Janine Marsh, The Good Life France


Audio Tours of Nice

What if you could put headphones on your smartphone and have a knowledgeable expert (me) guide you through the streets of Nice step by step? What if you heard directions as you walked and listened to explanations of each highlight? What if you didn’t even have to look at your phone because the audio triggers automatically at each stop? 

Well you can! I've produced two self-guided audio tours with voicemap.me. On the audio tour, “The Best of Nice’s Old Town: Highlights, Legends and Secret Spots” I’ll take you to Vieux Nice’s most fascinating spots and tell you all about them. It’s easy to get lost in Vieux Nice’s maze of streets but not with me guiding the way. I’ll also be pointing out easy-to-miss details on the buildings and tell you where you can go behind closed doors.

Voicemap.me audio tour

My latest audio tour "Navigating Nice’s Belle Epoque: A Guide to the UNESCO Heritage City" is an exciting and unusual walk through the part of Nice that Unesco recently designated a World Heritage Site. From the outer edges of the Old Town, along the Promenade and through the prestigious Carre d'Or neighborhood you'll marvel at the architecture and urban landscape that made Nice the pride of the Riviera. You’ll hear how, from the mid-1800s onwards, every decision to urbanize Nice aimed to increase the comfort and enjoyment of its British, American and Russian visitors.

Voicemap audio tour of Unesco Nice

So, how does it work?

To go out and do the tour, all you need is a FREE audio tour VoiceMap app for iPhones and Android devices. Install it on your smartphone via Apple AppStore or Google Play’s store.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, set up an account;
  • Go to my page and choose your tour;
  • Pay for the tour;
  • Download the tour to your fully charged smartphone. The audio will be available offline along with an offline map;
  • The tours are location aware, so you will hear my directions and stories as you move;
  • Pause anytime in wonderful cafes and shops, and take as many pictures as you please!

Listening to an audio guide is a wonderful and relaxed way to experience Nice. And it will always be on your phone in case you want to remember what you've seen.

Itinerary Planning

Planning a trip to the French Riviera but confused by the many possibilities? I'd be happy to help you sort it all out. (Remember, I live here!) I can offer you an itinerary that works, help you with all your bookings, recommend hotels and sights and develop a holiday for all sorts of special interests whether they be sports, art, culture, nature or pampering.

Need to know the best party places on the French Riviera? I've been there, done that. Maybe you'd like to stray off the beaten track to places only locals know about? I'll be happy to share all my secret places and give you valuable tips so you get the most out of your time. Prices are as low as $65 for a productive 30-minute consultation.

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