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Day Trip from Nice to St-Tropez

Glamorous Saint-Tropez is not the easiest day trip from Nice but it is possible. To really make the most of your day and to appreciate the beauty of Saint-Tropez the beach is a must. The Saint-Tropez coastline is not to be believed whether or not you're a beach-buff. A visit to the town only fails to convey the appeal of this legendary spot.

Pampelonne beach, Saint Tropez

But there's where it gets tricky. The legendary Saint-Tropez beaches are five to seven kilometres out of town and buses are infrequent. So drive to Saint-Tropez, right? The two-land road that winds from the motorway to town is a traffic nightmare, especially in summer. What should be a 1 1/2-hour jaunt off-season can easily turn into a 2 1/2-hour extravaganza in summer. (See more about getting to Saint-Tropez) Still, arriving by car allows you to visit the town, colorful port and the beach. Count on about €30 with petrol and tolls.

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By Boat

Trans-Coted'Azur boat

By far the most pleasant way to arrive in Saint-Tropez is by boat and you don't need your own yacht to do it. There's a daily boat in summer and weekend boats in spring and fall directly from Nice Port to central Saint-Tropez. The 2 1/2-hour boatride stops to discharge passengers on the Ile St-Lerins (near Cannes) and then arrives in Saint-Tropez in late morning.

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There are buses that run from the town center to the beaches but check the schedule carefully as it may not be possible to get a bus connection in late morning. In that event, a taxi costs €30 to take you out to either Plage des Salins or Pampelonne beaches to lunch in a beach restaurant. It is usually possible to get a bus back in time to explore the town before boarding the boat at 4.30pm for the ride back to Nice. (See more about getting around Saint-Tropez)

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By Public Transport

It is possible to do a day trip from Nice to Saint Tropez using public transport. Not only is it much cheaper but you can spend much longer in Saint Tropez. To visit Saint Tropez by pubic transport:

Take an early train from Nice train station to Saint-Raphael. There's a daily train at 7.01am that arrives in Saint Raphael at 8.35.

Take the next bus from Saint Raphael to the Saint Tropez bus station. There's a daily bus at 9.15 arriving in Saint Tropez at 10.40am except in summer when it arrives at 11.10am. The Saint Tropez bus station is right on the edge of town. It's possible to walk to the Place des Lices to catch the 11.40am bus to the beaches.

To return take the bus leaving Saint Tropez at 20.45 and arrives in Saint Raphael at 22.10

The last train from Saint Raphael leaves at 22.43 and arrives at 23.38 in Nice.

Check schedules and buy tickets on thetrainline.

For the bus schedules, see varlib.


Last updated February 23, 2022

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